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All Images Copyright their original owners. Most of these have been acquired from 4chan.org/wg
I've been collecting these desktop wallpapers for several years and have picked out ones that are interesting to me. No other qualities beyond that, some are better than others, your tastes may vary, etc. The tags are in a state of flux as I only tag them when I get time to and it's usually a pain to do it.

Tag: Girls with Swords

sabrefixed.jpg3590 x 1200 (0.35 MB) Tags: Anime Women   Anime/Manga   Girls with Swords   3590 x 1200  
saku009.jpg800 x 600 (0.07 MB) Tags: 4:3   Anime Women   Anime/Manga   Girls with Swords   SVGA   Sakura   800 x 600  

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